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In addition to making our own one-of-a-kind products We often accept commissions for custom work.

As a husband and wife team (Mark and Christine) we've worked really hard, learned to complement each others strengths and compensate for weaknesses, and bickered our way to an equilibrium. We've been at this for quite a while now. We've made and done a lot of cool things, most of which we're pretty darned proud of and love to show off. Suffice to say it's in the many thousands, so many in fact that after a while we began to forget to take pictures of more than we care to admit, especially the variety and styles of bears and other critters we've carved over the years.

Nevertheless, we've got a heck-of-a lot of pictures to share over in the Brag Book. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for keep an open mind, we've specialized in figuring out how to do things we've never done before, but if you're still compelled to ask if we 'can' make or carve something specific, if we're capable, well after all we've done we'd like to think we're well past that stage of the business. It's not 'can' we make something, it's will we and do we want to.

We're very grateful to have always had a constant sizable backlog of orders ahead of us, but it can be tough trying to maintain an inventory for a storefront while keeping the orders going out the door. I spend so much of my time creating inventory and filling special requests, I don't often get to push myself artistically as far as I feel I could go, so please do challenge me. That being said we're very open to entertaining all requests.

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