Log & Timber Works

Deck railings - new or replacement.  Decorative wood deck railings.   Carved newel posts.   Entry gates.

The skills we've acquired over the years make us the perfect people to design and build your outdoor architectural features.
Whether you're looking to replace old log deck railings, build an entirely new deck, add decorative features to an existing structure,
or create a stunning entry to your home, we can do it. 

Custom ranch gates and gateways, hand crafted from aspen and lodgepole pine.

Gateways & Entries

Pricing varies depending on the size and scale of the job, and the features you'd like incorporated. 

We insist on managing the job from start to finish - including any electronic hardware to be added.

New or replacement log decks. End posts can be carved, and decorative wood / limb work incorporated to suit your home's style.

Decks & Railings

We can provide a quote for deck construction upon request.

New & replacement railings start at $40 per foot, and $50 per foot for angles (stairs). 

Chunky, modern rustic timber furniture using rough-sawn lumber timbers. Durable, functional and built to suit.

Carvings & Furniture

We have a wide assortment of custom furniture and carvings in our wheelhouse. We invite you to visit our Portfolio to see more.